• Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort | Boracay Island, Philippines

Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort - Location

Station 3 – Angol, Manoc-Manoc
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608
How to get at Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort?

After landing at Caticlan Airport, you would need to ride a 5-minute trike ride from the airport to the jetty port. On the other hand, if you land in Kalibo Airport, you’re still a 2-hour drive away. When you get to the jetty port, you need to pay environmental fees, terminal fees, and boat fares to ride the boat to Boracay. Once you reach the island, you would need to ride another trike to “Angol”, after reaching Angol walk up to the beach then turn right and walk another 5 minutes to reach CocoLoco Boracay Beach Resort. One of the landmarks of the resort is the huge flag with a ‘CocoLoco’ sign outside. Other landmarks to look for are ‘Villa Caemilla’ and ‘Hey! Jude’, both hotels are near our resort.